Providing IT consultancy services to you and help you in achieving long-term goals. We do it by developing strategies, identifying risks, establishing mitigating techniques, and choosing the appropriate technology. Our goal is to help you in realizing the big picture.


Our organization complete the implementation procedure with the help of three steps; process, application, and population. An iterative approach is beneficial for us in mitigating the risks. We work in smaller teams to manage projects efficiently.


Special and custom software are used to help organisations in operating their business. That is why businesses need support to continue their operations. Identity point Inc. focuses on providing support and help to its customers and shares their burdens.


Training is mandatory to use the software for the success of organisations. That is why it is important for us to ensure the training of our clients. Our training services for a selected number of customers will help you in using this software effectively.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

  • We offer customized solutions for every client.
  • We believe in collaborative environment.
  • We only hire excellent professionals with extensive experience.
  • We are good to communicate and work with.
  • We provide on-site delivery model.

What it’s like to work with us

  • We try to maintain collaboration throughout the execution of our procedures. With the help of excellent communication, integrity, and transparency, we try to maintain a collaborative environment.
  • We provide custom security solutions for each and every client in order to provide unique solutions for everyone.
  • We are focused on providing excellent services with the help of extensive knowledge and expertise.
  • The prices of our services are affordable and reasonable. You can hire our professional services at minimum price rates.