Security Analytics

Do you think you have a strong password? Is your virus scanning software effective? With the increase of cyber-attacks, the need for data security has become increased. we used a firewall to protect our devices form suspicious apps in the past. On the contrary, our devices are not protected despite the installation of the firewall. Security strategies and procedures for log in step are also going through some changes. This is a high time to identify attacks. We have successfully identified and stop a person who was logged in from the Netherlands as it was different from his/her usual logging in procedures.

In the past, people treated log in information and rights to access as two different and isolated procedures. Nowadays, we want to know if the log-in process is closer to normal or not. However, it is not easy to manually design the rules for the detection of suspicious activity. SIEM has been evolved to security analytics. It includes some other areas such as identity and access analytics and management of insider threat. We offer up-to-date technologies and innovative solutions for the detection of shady activities.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

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