Cloud Security

Despite the fact that ‘cloud computing’ has been known for a long time, very few organisations have transferred their data on cloud. However, the number of companies transferring their data on cloud has increased over the years. most of the organisations uses online paid or unpaid websites. This means the data of the company is in cloud but the real question revolves around the IT department. Whether the IT department has transferred the data of the company on the cloud servers or not. When the question of transferring data to cloud servers is raised, the main point is the security of the online data of the organisation.

CASB (Cloud access security brokers) is helpful in solving these issues. these services help to map the timings of the usage of cloud services. moreover, they also help in identifying what servers are in use currently. In addition, they also help in determining the security of the online information. In this way, the cloud services can be aligned with the policies of the company. IT department can be responsible for locating the data of the company.

Our company helps in locating the data of the organisation. In addition, we can supervise the implementation of the process and effectively use the cloud services.